8 New Season Denim Pieces ...


Nowadays, denim is a wardrobe staple.

However, each season brings with it inventive and new styles of denim to be incorporated into outfits and wardrobes the world over.

It can be as simple as a new denim wash, or maybe twist on a tried-and-tested design.

Below are a few new season denim pieces to take inspiration from.

1. Topshop Moto Pink Skinny Jamie Jeans

Topshop Moto Pink Skinny Jamie Jeans

Price: $80.00 at us.topshop.com

Coloured denim is a look that can be hit or miss.

These coloured jeans are definitely a ‘hit’.

This dark pink colour is becoming increasingly popular, and the skinny leg jean is a stalwart on the fashion scene.

Pair these jeans with light colours in the daytime, and darker colours at night.

R13 Sweat Jeans
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