Are You a Taurus Woman? You'll Love These Stylish Outfit Ideas!


The Taurus woman is hardworking, romantic, persistent, patient, and grounded.

When it comes to fashion, you like to keep it simple, classy, and sexy.

You're not a fan of trends, and would rather invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

It's all about structured clothing and a great fit.

Earthy greens and browns look fabulous on you as do statement necklaces.

Ready to take a look at some outfit ideas for you?

Here we go.

1. Tailored Shorts

Tailored Shorts

You can't go wrong with tailored shorts and a crisp white shirt.

2. Green and Brown

Green and Brown

A cute green top with cropped pants will look amazing on you!

3. Well Fitted

Well Fitted

This is such a great work look for you!

4. Cropped Blazer

Cropped Blazer

Take a basic grey dress to the next level with a cropped blazer and some unique jewelry.

5. Velvet


Velvet was made for the Taurus woman!

6. Statement Jacket and a Cashmere Scarf

Statement Jacket and a Cashmere Scarf

A cashmere scarf is a must-have for a Taurus woman.2

7. Cute Day Outfit

Cute Day Outfit

Rock your white denims with a striped shirt.

8. Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace

Your wardrobe is incomplete without a couple of bold necklaces that make heads turn.

9. Blue Denim and White

Blue Denim and White

You can't go wrong with blue jeans that fit like a dream and a basic white shirt.2

Don't forget the fun shoes!

10. Silk Scarf

Silk Scarf

A colorful silk scarf is a fabulous way to accessorize your neck.

11. Black, Brown, and Green

Black, Brown, and Green

Don't you simply love that handbag?

12. Leather Boots

Leather Boots

These are perfect for spring!

13. Midi Skirt

Midi Skirt

Could it get any more classic than this?

Love that necklace!

14. Ruffled Blouse and Shorts

Ruffled Blouse and Shorts

So cute!

15. Baby Blue

Baby Blue

For when you want a subtle touch of color.2

16. For Work

For Work

So simple yet so sexy

17. Military Green

Military Green

This is a stunning color for you.

Baby Pink and Suede
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