7 Best Convertible Coats ...

The best convertible coats are the ones that you’ll find yourself getting the most wear from. Putting together different looks with the one coat is a breeze when you have a convertible coat handy. A convertible coat could be reversible or have optional attachments such as hoods to help you create a range of different looks. The following are some of the best convertible coats of the season.

1. Duffel Coat

The best convertible coats are those that come in classic designs. A duffel coat in a neutral tan hue is a timeless wardrobe piece. It’s great for wearing during the day and will last you year in and year out. Choose one with a detachable hood for greater versatility. This one will set you back around $600 from J.Crew, but try and save some #money by waiting for the sales or checking out stores like Topshop for more affordable versions.