7 down Coats for Winter ...


Take cover in these 7 down coats for winter to chicly brave the cold.

With winter fully upon us, it’s time to reach for those dreaded down coats that can sometimes be unflattering and uncool.

But don’t fret!

This season the down coat and its puffy sister get an extreme overhaul with new shapes and cuts making sleek and streamlined options to serve form and function while the snowflakes fall.

So bundle up in these totally cozy and chic down coats for winter and stay warm without sacrificing style.

1. Short down Coat

Short down Coat

On days where a little goes a long way, a short-cropped style down coat is the chicest and coolest option for warmer winter weather.

For light coverage, sport your short down coat over a thinly knit sweater, skinny jeans and cool boots for a sleek and sophisticated way to wear puffer fashions.

With down coat options like the Mango coat above at $65 and more at Romwe, The North Face, Alice & Olivia, H&M, Joe Fresh and Moncler in the $60 to $1,200 price range, looking cool weather chic never looked or felt better in these down coats for winter.

2. Hooded down Coat

Hooded down Coat

For an athletic sport luxe feel this winter, opt for a hooded down coat for all your winter activities.

A down coat equipped with a hood offers extra protection and warmth from the seasonal chill, not to mention spares your hair for good hair days all season long.

3. Long down Coat

Long down Coat

Snuggle up and into a long down coat this season just as you would a cozy blanket on a cold winter’s day.

A long down coat is especially functional for fashionistas who live in cooler winter climates and need the added protection and warmth from the cold.

4. Fur down Coat

Fur down Coat

Slip into a sophisticated and sleek down coat with luxurious and sumptuously soft fur trimming.

This dramatic coat has edgy, cool appeal with a downtown aesthetic, which means no need to sacrifice style to brave the harsh winter elements.

You can be both fashion forward and smartly dressed for the season in a fur down coat.

Belted down Coat
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