8 Fashion Mistakes Men Make ...


Fashion mistakes men make don’t get a lot of press coverage, do they?

Tons and tons of magazine pages, tons of pro tips and advice to help us women look better and become pros at masking our flaws with just an occasional, “you too, fellas” – I’d say men have every right to feel left out.

Let’s talk the fashion mistakes men make, then!

Take these male fashion faux pas seriously if you’re a guy or forward them to someone that needs to start taking them seriously if you’re a girl.

1. Mandals and Socks

Mandals or, if you prefer, man sandals are designed to be summer footwear and, as such, look extremely silly if worn with socks!

Add a pair of military style baggy Bermudas and you’ve got yourself a description of every Average Joe you’re going to run into during summer months!

Sounds familiar?

Well, what can I say, of all the fashion mistakes men make, this may easily be the most common one!

Don’t want your little piggies exposed?

Opt for sneakers, loafers or, if you want or have to keep it classy and by the book, perforated leather shoes.

Should you decide to go with mandals, the socks have to go.

2. Ill-Fitting Clothes

After years of playing a personal stylist slash shopping adviser for the dear husband, dear brother and dear male best friend, I feel I have the right to say one thing – most men aren’t so fussy when it comes to the way things fit!

And while we’re stressing and shopping and trying out different cuts just to find the perfect one, they’re completely happy with the piece of clothing they’ve just bough even if it isn’t of ideal length, size or even worse, fit.

The big shocker?

At least 60% of men won’t turn around to check how their butt looks in a pair of jeans or notice the fabric in the crotch area bunching a bit more than it should.

And don’t even get me started on the shoulder hems – isn’t there a rule that says the shoulder hem belongs on a shoulder?

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