8 Fun, Fashionable Colors for Spring ...


Colors for Spring are eye-catching, exciting, and incredibly hot. Pantone has anticipated a rainbow of new hues, with yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and green all represented. Don't worry, though, these sizzling spring colors are perfectly balanced with some new base shades as well. Take a look at the new shades for spring, and see which ones you're most excited to wear!2

1. Tangerine Tango

Tangerine Tango is one of the hottest colors for spring, according to Pantone.

It's a bright, vivid tangerine hue, with definite red undertones.

It's a bold choice that looks great with many other popular spring hues, like Bellflower.

Look for patterns and designs featuring the color, and if you're afraid of wearing something so bright on your own, go with accessories instead: shoes, scarves, handbags, and jewelry.

2. Bellflower

Bellflower is one of my favorite new shades for spring.2

It's a lovely shade of purple, kind of smoky, with definite undertones of grey.

It will look great as a solid or as part of a pattern, and since it's subtle, it will also make a great makeup shade.

Check out actual bellflowers for a lovely representation of the hue.

3. Cabaret

However, if I had to choose a hands down favorite, then Cabaret is the new color for spring that I'm most looking forward to wearing.

Technically qualified as a rosy shade of red, it verges on hot pink and absolutely glows with vivid sensuality.

It makes a fantastic color for clothing, accessories, and makeup, and it will look great with other popular new colors, like a combo of Tangerine Tango and Bellflower or Driftwood.

4. Sodalite Blue

Sodalite Blue is definitely destined to be the new navy.

It's marvelously nautical in nature, and actually qualified by Pantone as a maritime shade of blue.2

It will look great with white, cream, and khaki, but it's dark enough that it can carry itself, too.

Anticipate lots of adorable suits in this shade.

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