7 Helpful Hints on Getting Your Best Fitting Bra Ever ...


We’re all taught that we should wear a bra but we really never got any tips for finding a bra that fits right.

It’s frustrating because there are an overwhelming number of options and they seem to fit okay - or so it seems.

According to bra expert Susan Nethero, most of us (a whopping 85%) are wearing the wrong size and shape of bra when we don’t have to.

Why continue to suffer the effects of an ill-fitting bra any longer?!2

Allow me to be your guide and offer you 7 helpful tips for finding a bra that fits perfectly.

Let’s get started!

1. Get Sized up

One of the top tips for finding a bra that fits is to get a bra fitting.

You can do this at home or get one done with a pro.2

If you’ve never had one done, you might be surprised at your actual bra size;

it’s probably quite different from the size you’ve been wearing so far.

There are lots of things that can change our bra size too, like gaining a few pounds, gaining or losing muscle and aging.

Get a proper bra fitting to get your best fit!

2. Try It on

Bra tips don’t end at getting fitted for a bra, you’ve gotta try it on and see how it feels!

Avoid buying bras solely based on their appearance or their catchy little description.

Get in the dressing room and try the darned thing on!

Bend over, turn around and adjust that bad boy to make sure it fits correctly without any gaps or wrinkles.

Your ideal bra won’t have any of these issues!

3. Learn the Lingo

Have you ever noticed all the bra jargon one has to be proficient in to get a decent bra these days?2

Getting to know bra jargon is an important part of getting a good-fitting bra.

You have to know what you want in order to get it, right?

Get to know the different types and shapes of bras like the balconette or convertible bra so you know what look and fit you’re going for.

This tip on finding a good bra can help save you a lot of time and money by knowing exactly what you want ahead of time!

Know Your Body
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