31 of the Most Stunning Red Ball Gowns in the World ...


Every girl wants a reason to wear red ball gowns, right?

I work at home and have three kids, so my chances to wear a ball gown are pretty much zero.

A girl can dream though, can't she?

Whether you really need a red ball gown or not, you are going to love imagining that you have a place to wear these gorgeous gowns.

1. A Peekaboo View

A Peekaboo View

Via The <em>Vogue</em> 120: The Stylish ...

This red ball gown is modest and lovely, while also showing off a bit of skin.

2. Open in Back

Open in Back

Via 27dress.com

You're sure to turn some heads when you wear this backless ball gown.

3. Crystals All over

Crystals All over

Via aliexpress.com

You'll be the sparkliest girl at the ball when you wear this shiny dress.

4. Lots of Ruffles

Lots of Ruffles

Via Etsy :: Your place to ...

I love ruffles, so this list tops my list of must haves.

5. Simple Design

Simple Design

Via Aliexpress.com : Buy Hot Sale ...

This dress is simple, but still has a huge impact.

6. Gold Metal Belt

Gold Metal Belt

Via babyonlinedress.com

Form fitting and the perfect shade of red, this ball gown is perfect!

7. Orange-red


Via The Most Gorgeous Gowns from ...

If you want something that isn't traditional red, choose an orange-red like this one.

8. Cut Low in Front

Cut Low in Front

Via Fashion News, Women's Style Tips ...

I love that the neckline is cut low, but it isn't too revealing.

What do you think?

9. Low Cut in Back

Low Cut in Back

Via Taylor Swift Has Huge Star ...

Of course, there's something to be said for a dress cut low in the back too.2

10. Mermaid Style

Mermaid Style

Via ะŸะปะฐั‚ัŒั Shinemoda 2013

The mermaid style of this dress shows off curves just right without being too skimpy.

11. Strapless


Via The Best Moments From Inside ...

Ooze some sex appeal with a red ball gown that is strapless.

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