7 Rainy Day Accessories to Brighten Your Mood ...


Your rainy day accessories don’t have to match the dreary weather outside.

Getting dressed can be made that little bit more difficult when you have to take the wet weather into account.

Dressing for the rain sometimes means avoiding wearing our ‘nice’ clothes for fear of water damage, but adding a few fun accessories to our outfits can help cheer us up and brighten our day.

Check out these fun rainy day accessories that will also help keep you dry!

1. Patterned Umbrella

Patterned Umbrella

One of the most essential rainy day accessories is an umbrella.2

Ditch the boring black umbrella for a cute and quirky style instead.

Think fun patterns and unusual designs.

This ladybug umbrella will set you back around $28 from Modcloth but you can find a range of other patterned fashion umbrellas from stores like ASOS and Topshop.

2. Glitter Rain Boots

Glitter Rain Boots

Keeping your feet dry during the rain often means donning a pair of rain boots (or wellies or gumboots, whatever you want to call them!).

They’re not always the most fashionable item of clothing but there are quite a few stylish options out there.

These glitter boots from Modcloth come in under $50 and have an on-trend glitter finish.

They’ll definitely add some glitz to your rainy day outfit.

3. Neon Bag

Neon Bag

Bright, neon colors are quite popular right now.

They’re also a great way of livening up an outfit.

Add a brightly colored bag to your rainy day outfit in the form of this fun number from Forever 21.

The polyurethane material will keep your belongings protected from the rain and the best part is that this bag will only set you back around $15.

4. Rain Hat

Rain Hat

Protect your hairdo with a cute rain hat.

This features a floral pattern and is by the San Diego Hat Company.

You could wear it with a raincoat for an umbrella-free outfit, or under an umbrella for extra protection from the rain.

For other chic and stylish rain hats, try brands like Kate Spade and Nine West.

Rainbow Umbrella
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