7 Style Tips for Pregnant Women ...


Being pregnant is a beautiful thing — you get the amazing advantage of being able to help create another human being...

and if you already know the long list of style tips for pregnant women, you get to look as beautiful as you feel!

Alongside the symptoms of pregnancy and the extra weight, and of course the famous "baby bump," sometimes it’s hard to make a fashion statement without feeling uncomfortable.

When I was pregnant I know I had a hard time making the "Best Dressed" list and frequently felt like I belonged on the "Worst Dressed" instead.2

After a while, I learned the do’s and don’ts of styling while pregnant.

Here are 7 style tips for pregnant women...

1. Know Your Body Type

It’s a key thing to know your body shape and type prior to the growth of your baby bump, so it's the top of my list of style tips for pregnant women.

Female bodies vary from straight body type to the hourglass body type and even the inverted triangle body type.

Knowing your body type can help you create your pregnancy style.

2. Choose What's Comfortable

Pregnancy clothes are made to be beyond comfortable;

they create extra room for while your baby bump grows.

Teh right clothes will be comfortable, giving room to move and be flexible, and they'll also be designed to fit after the pregnancy is over.

That was something I was a firm believer on: making sure that I was able to either re-use the maternity clothes, or find clothes that did both.

An example would be baby doll shirts, which help during early months of pregnancy and which you can even wear after your pregnancy.

3. Bella Band

I am petite in size, and it’s always hard to find pants that fit me without having to pay for an expensive pair and never wear them again!

I highly recommend the Bella Band for any body type.

It gives you the opportunity to wear your own pair of jeans or bottoms leaving them unbuttoned and unzipped by putting this elastic band around the waist, creating an imitation of maternity pants.2

Also, the Bella Band helps support the weight of your growing baby belly.

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