How to Style Your Maxi Dresses for Fall ...


Wearing a maxi dress in the fall can be a bit trickier than wearing one in the summer.

In the summer, you can just throw on a maxi dress and grab some sandals and youโ€™re set to go.

Wearing a maxi dress in the fall takes a bit more thought but it can be done.

Donโ€™t pack them away just yet;

use one of these ideas as inspiration to wear your maxi dresses into the fall.

1. Layer a Cardigan and Skinny Belt

Layer a Cardigan and Skinny Belt

This is a really cute tip for wearing a maxi dress in the fall.

Slip on a cardigan and a skinny belt to cinch the waist.

Youโ€™ll look lovely and stylish.

Youโ€™ll also be warm and give your wardrobe an extension with this new look.

Who knows?

You might even start a trend among your friends.

2. Try Flats on for Size

Try Flats on for Size

In the summer you automatically go for sandals with a maxi dress.

Swap them out for flats in the fall.

Itโ€™s good to keep some basic neutral colored flats in your closet to wear with maxis.

If youโ€™ve got gray, black and brown flats, chances are at least one of them will go with your maxi dress.

Of course you can do a heel if you need the added height to make your dress fall at the correct length.

3. Add a Scarf

Add a Scarf

Scarves can be the perfect accessory to wear with a maxi dress.

A good rule to follow is to wear a solid scarf if your maxi dress is printed and wear a printed scarf if your maxi is a solid color.

This isnโ€™t a hard and fast rule but one that usually gives you good results.

This also gives your maxi dress a completely new look.

Scarves also help keep you warm.

Try a Denim Jacket
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