7 Stylish Tips for Ensemble Dressing ...


Ensemble dressing is a hot trend right now. If youโ€™re not quite sure what ensemble dressing is all about, itโ€™s basically a fancy pants term for wearing matching separates in head-to-toe prints or block colours. It could be a matching top and skirt or blazer and pants โ€“ you can basically wear things that already suit your own personal style. If you want to try your hand at ensemble dressing this season then take a look at the following tips for pulling off this fashion trend.

1. Shop Smart

The whole point of ensemble dressing is to create a matching outfit. So, if youโ€™re going to embrace prints or patterns, youโ€™ll have to choose separates that share exactly the same design. Since ensemble dressing is proving popular right now, this shouldnโ€™t be too hard with most retailers offering matching separates. If youโ€™re thinking about dressing in matching block colours, you could easily get away with buying separates from different brands โ€“ the key is just to make sure the fabric is similar enough to pass off as matching.

Keep It Tailored
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