The Ultimate πŸ’― Beginner's Guide πŸ“˜ to Learning to Shop πŸ› on Instagram πŸ“± ...


For those of you who are getting a wee bit bored of online shopping, no fear!

I'm sure you've heard by now that Instagram is *the* place to shop these days!

Designers have made it super easy for you to get your hands on some great bargains, all the while enjoying a great customer experience.

β€Œο»Ώrefinery29ο»Ώβ€Œο»Ώ has given us a fab list of pieces you simply must pick up via Insta shopping!

1. Vintage Loafers

footwear, shoe, leg, sneakers, outdoor shoe,

Ever since I scored these amazing vintage loafers, I haven't turned back.

This store is still fairly new, but I'll be checking back religiously for new gems.

2. Vintage Shoes

clothing, costume, spring, dress, outerwear,

This Insta-shop knows a good vintage shoe (or jacket, or dress, or top) when it sees one β€” meaning the selection is out of this world.2

What we love most, though, is the pieces are shown on-body, so we can see how they actually fit.

And, its offering is just as good as its name promises.

3. Unique Accessories

jeans, denim, clothing, pocket, abdomen,

What we love about this shop is that it's curated and selective.

Instead of throwing a million items in your face per day, it takes things a bit slower, making the pieces feel more special.

Though it sells all types of things, it's particularly strong for tops, earrings, and unique accessories.

4. Colourful Slides

footwear, shoe, leg, sandal, outdoor shoe,

A favorite to shop both on Instagram and IRL, People of 2morrow is a gold mine for vintage and name-brand goodies alike, and the prices can't be beat.

Just comment "It's a wrap!" along with your last name to purchase straight from the feed.

Come on, Rachel Comey shoes for under $100?

Sign us up.

5. Basket Bags

clothing, outerwear, jacket, pattern, costume,

Aside from selling some of our favorite indie and contemporary brands, S.F.-based Lisa Says Gah also boasts a pretty sick vintage section β€” and updates its Instagram following with the best sunglasses, basket bags, and more on the regular, with links to shop in the bio.2

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