These Royals Definitely Have the Best Style ...


What is it about royals always having the most impeccable style?

No matter who they are, what country they’re from, how old they are, or what decade they came from, I’m usually extremely impressed with how effortless yet timeless their style is.

If you feel the same, you’ve come to the right place.2

I’ve compiled a list of some of the most fashionable royals of all-time, whether they’re currently reigning or were long before your time.

If you’re a royal addict, these people absolutely need to be on your list of royal style icons to watch and try to emulate.

1. Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

Sure, it may seem that at times Her Royal Highness follows a pretty standard uniform of matching dresses and hats, but her style is actually pretty amazing.2

Queen Elizabeth’s style is so impeccable that she literally matches the brim and handle of her umbrellas to her outfit.

Does it get more perfect than that?

No, it does not, and that is why she has been the Queen of England for over 60 years.

2. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

If you know me, you know that I am convinced that Kate Middleton is the biggest style icon of our generation.2

She will forever be known for her flawless dresses and casual jeans and sweaters.

No matter what she’s wearing, she always turning heads and stunning the style world.

3. Princess Diana

Princess Diana

Although Princess Diana’s style was arguably more outlandish than her daughter-in-law’s, I think it’s safe that she obtained a similar style icon status.

Although she definitely had a signature style, everything she wore instantly became an iconic piece of fashion history.

4. Princess Grace of Monaco

Princess Grace of Monaco

Many people say that Princess Grace had an unfair advantage because she was already a Hollywood starlet and well versed in the fashion world before she married a royal.2

However, even before she was a royal her style was timeless, and that’s evidenced by the fact that she’s still making best-dressed lists so many years after her death.

Princess Sofia of Sweden
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