7 Tips on How to Stylishly Wear Tuxedos ...


Want to stay warm and stylish?

The tuxedo is the perfect trend for you.

Get it right, and itโ€™s timeless, chic and flattering;

so itโ€™s no wonder itโ€™s a big hit with celebrities like Kate Moss and Nicole Scherzinger.

All you need is a tuxedo that looks great on you, some killer shoes and the right accessories, and you can always feel confident that youโ€™ve got the perfect outfit on standby.

1. Keep Prints Classic

Keep Prints Classic

Want a classic but stand-out tuxedo?

Donโ€™t shy away from prints, but opt for something classic to keep the look timeless.

Try to keep the print colors standard โ€“ think monochromes with a touch of navy or dark green โ€“ and opt for simple designs such as symmetrical geometric patterns.

Emma Roberts always rocks this look!

Avoid anything animal-print, and keep the pyjama prints for pyjamas!

Slicked Hair
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