7 Tips to Looking Skinnier in a Bathing Suit ...


There’s nothing that strikes more fear in a woman’s heart than being seen in swimwear.

We are always looking for tips and trick to looking skinnier in a bathing suit.

For those of us not blessed with that perfectly toned, svelte body and perhaps look like mashed potatoes much more than you should, here are 7 tips to looking skinnier in a bathing suit:

1. Use Color to Your Benefit

Looking skinnier in a bathing suit may be a simple as choosing the right color.

The skillful use of color can hide a multitude of imperfections.

The overall illusion of slimness can be accomplished with the use of dark bathing suits or bathing suits with dark side panels.

Colors like black or navy blue can be very flattering.

Use color to accentuate the positive aspects of your figure as well, by choosing bright or light colors on your best features.

2. Choose Strategic Patterns and Stripes

Patterns can be very influential in whether you look skinnier in your bathing suit.

Vertical stripes will make an area appear thinner, horizontal stripes make them look wider.

Diagonal stripes have an overall slimming effect.2

Muted low contrast patterns are much better on areas of your body that you want to look skinnier, but bold high contrast patterns are great for areas you want to accentuate.

3. Consider Texture and Accents

Shinier fabrics accentuate, so use them on areas you wish to bring out.

In areas that need to look skinnier, use only matte or opaque colors.

Some bathing suits come with lace, skirts or ruffles.

Use the lace and ruffles only around areas you want to bring out, since these accents call attention to themselves.

Skirts are great for slimming down bottoms and legs.

Wrap styles that cross over the body are slimming.2

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