7 Trendy Colors for 2013 ...


With each New Year and each new season, there’s a whole new palette in the fashion world, and I’m so excited about the trendy colors for 2013!

My entire wardrobe could do with a refresher, from hats to tops to handbags and everything in between, and if you’re ready for a color change too, keep reading!

Here are the trendy colors for 2013, some carryovers from last year, and some brand new!

1. Mint Green

Mint Green

While not everyone can wear mint green, those who can, rejoice, for this sweet hue is one of the trendy colors for 2013!

Wear it all over in this pretty polka-dot dress by Mink Pink, or, if you have a more olive complexion, like me, rock the minty trend with your accessories, instead.

2. Coral


Coral’s been a hot, trendy color for two years now, and it shows no signs of losing popularity, so if you haven’t added it to your sartorial repertoire, do it now!

Wear this classic papaya-coral hued shirt-dress, or carry an eye-catching coral clutch.

Or, if you can find it, try this trendy hue by wearing a coral statement necklace.

3. Cotton Candy Pink

Cotton Candy Pink

Is there any color more feminine than soft, cotton candy pink?

Wear this trendy color to add femininity to even the toughest menswear-inspired outfit (pinstripe pantsuit, anyone?) with a necklace like this, or go full-on princess by wearing a retro-styled Little Pink Dress instead of your LBD.

Feeling bold?

Layer this soft pink with a bolder, darker pink.

4. White


While most of us have been wearing the white trend in the form of a crisp white blouse, there are other ways to lighten things up, like this pretty coat by Steve Madden.

Feel free to wear the crisp white blouse, perhaps set off with a coral belt, or matched with white shoes.

Vibrant Blue
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