7 Ways to do Pyjama Trend in Spring 2012 ...


Pyjama trend styles featured heavily on recent designer runways. While โ€˜wearing underwear as outerwearโ€™ has been on the radar for some time and constantly goes in and out of fashion, now itโ€™s all about wearing pyjamas out in public. Well not quite pyjamas, but more pyjama-style clothes. Iโ€™m talking silky shorts worn with an oversized sweater, or donning a pair of slipper style shoes. Take a look at the following few ways to work pyjama trends into your everyday wardrobe.

1. Slinky Shorts

Slinky Shorts

A pair of silky, satiny shorts will be your saviour this spring. For a bit more of a lingerie take on the pyjama trend, look for shorts with lace embellishments. Wear your slinky shorts with a slouchy t-shirt and ankle boots for a cool everyday look. To add a bit of structure, slip on a biker jacket or blazer.

Slipper Shoes
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