7 Ways to Get the Million Dollar Look for Less ...


The best thing about fashion is that you don't have to spend loads of money to look fabulous. It's all about being creative, finding bargains and following these amazing tips by guest contributor Sarah.

Among the most popular and oft-repeated lines is the seemingly ageless adage that you always get what you paid for. Meaning if you want something good, you better be ready to shell out lots of cash for it. While this may hold true in some areas, it certainly does not need to be the case in fashion. Spending big does not guarantee you'll look your best, and often times, a little creativity can help you achieve haute couture on the cheap.

Below are 7 tips to upping your style while keeping to your budget.

1. Mobile Apps

Forget your favorite bag, the item that you truly never leave home without is your smartphone. Take advantage of long lines and waiting rooms by downloading a few fashion-focused apps like Fashion Eye (fashioneyegame.com) or Pose. Whether they give you a new idea, let you catch up on the latest seasonal lines or even allow you to purchase high fashion budget items directly through the app, mobile fashion can be a great way to cut down on time and keep to your budget. If time is money, this will definitely help you save.

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