8 Ways to Reinvent Your Look ...


If youโ€™re stuck in the winter doldrums, and need a change, why not use one of the dozens of ways to reinvent your look?

Refreshing your look isnโ€™t difficult, and it can mean the difference between an end of winter with style, and an unendurably dull last 6 weeks before spring.

Here are 8 ways to reinvent your look.

1. Find a Style Icon

The first of my many ways to reinvent your look is actually the one that will take the most thought, and least actual action: you need to find a style icon or two to emulate, or use for inspiration.

I love Grace Kelly for her impeccable lady-like dress sense, but I adore Kate Hudsonโ€™s boho-chic styleโ€ฆ so Iโ€™ve used both of them as inspiration when I need to refresh my look.

I ask myself, what would Grace or Kate wear?

Empty Your Makeup Bag
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