9 Ways to Wear Camouflage Clothes Right Now ...


How to wear camouflage clothes stylishly should be the question on everyoneโ€™s lips right now.

Well, everyone interested in pulling off this trend, anyway.

Whether you opt for a grunge, girlie, or military inspired look, camouflage clothing can work across all angles.

Itโ€™s got a certain coolness to it thatโ€™s perfect if you like your outfits to be more off-duty.

Check out the following tips on how to wear camouflage clothing right now.

1. Contemporary Cool

Contemporary Cool

A camouflage print t-shirt, jacket, or jeans are all excellent ways to start building your casual camouflage look.

Instead of baggy camouflage pants, try a fitted pair of printed jeans instead.

You could also team a camouflage print t-shirt or sweater with jeans or a denim skirt for a cool, off-duty look.

2. Girly


Is camouflage print maybe a bit too heavy for your usual look?

Why not use it to add a grunge touch to a feminine outfit.

Try teaming an ultra girly dress and heels with a camouflage print utility jacket for something a bit unexpected.

3. Classic Military

Classic Military

When looking at how to wear camouflage clothes, you canโ€™t go past a classic military inspired look.2

A khaki camouflage print parka or trench is great for throwing on over a basic outfit.

4. All in the Accessories

All in the Accessories

Adding a dose of camouflage print to your look can be as simple as donning a few accessories.

A camouflage print clutch would be a fun addition, as well as things like watches and scarves.

5. Alternate Colour Ways

Alternate Colour Ways

Not a fan of your typical khaki camouflage print?2

Then take a leaf out of the book of designers like Thakoon and Tommy Hilfiger and choose your camouflage print in a range of unexpected colours.

Light blues look great for a toned down look and a muted camouflage print is perfect for working a more sophisticated take on this trend.

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