9 Ways to Wear Plaid for Every Season ...


Plaid is the ‘it’ pattern season after season, with good reason as it is versatile and trendy.

If you think plaid is only useful for the country look, think again!

This fall you can create chic attire by incorporating interesting plaid pieces;

don’t restrict yourself to a shirt.

Attempt a personal styling with scarves, hair pieces and cardigans.

Though I would recommend choosing some fashionable items in a solid color to avoid a one-dimensional visual.

If you are as plaid-crazy as me, check out my list of 8 ways to wear plaid for fall.

1. Less is Just Right

Plaid can look amazingly stylish provided you don’t overdo it with excessive plaid pieces.

Decide on one piece of plaid - maybe shoes, scarf, a headband or oh!

Trendy plaid shoes.

Style your outfit around them, mixing and matching for any type of personality you want to boast!

The chic lady, trendy go-getter or the hippie chick!

Don’t be predictable with only a plaid shirt, that’s boring!

Plaid pants are just fun-tastic!

Throw on a sexy jacket on a turtleneck or V-neck sweater as structure is needed to contrast the billowy plaid pants, or alternatively, the cool factor is bold against the plaid skinny jeans.

Patterned pants are one of my favorite ways to wear plaid!

2. Work Trendy

Plaid shirts can be very dressy for the office, when you know how to work fashionable items into the mix to class it up.

Radiate sophistication in a fitted plaid shirt tucked into a sleek pencil skirt or well-tailored trouser pant.

Now polish off your look with a formal hairstyle like a high bun, French twist or free waves.

Metallics, preferably gold shoes and a narrow gold belt for brighter plaid, but you can choose silver or other shiny colors to tie your look together.

Many fashionistas have the right idea to use darker plaid as a pencil skirt or blazer jacket for an official look.2

Flirty and Chic
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