$133 Million in Bras: 😱 the 💯 Evolution of the Victoria's Secret 👙 Fantasy Bra ...

Every girl has a bra-and-undies fantasy, but, as with everything else, Victoria's Secret takes the idea and runs with it, designing a bedazzled brassier each year, every one more glittery and glam than the last. This year's model is the Bright Night Fantasy Bra, and the gorgeous Jasmine Tookes will be wearing it during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (airing December 5 at 10 p.m. EST on CBS), but before she struts down the runway in the blingiest bra around, let's have a look back at the shinies from years past.

1. 2016: the Bright Night Fantasy Bra

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Worth an estimated $3 million, Jasmine will model this mermaid-inspired bra in just a couple of weeks. December 2016

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