7 Cute Accessories by Shinzi Katoh ...

Take a moment and consider all of the little accessories you carry with you throughout the day — your water bottle, lunch box, tote bags, and more. Are they as cute as such things can be? If not, it’s time for an update! And I can help. There’s one designer in particular who specializes in all things adorable — Shinzi Katoh! To give you an idea of how cute day-to-day carry-alongs can be, here are 7 cute accessories by Shinzi Katoh.

1. Furry Forager Water Bottle

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Price: $22.99 at modcloth.com
Is this sweet little squirrel boasting, or is he simply stating the truth when he says he has a gift for finding many nuts? I suppose it doesn’t matter, for he’s charming either way, and I certainly trust him to look after my water at the gym or on the go. The water bottle holds 450mL and features a screw-on plastic lid that fits snugly and doesn’t allow leaks.

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