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Teens are a difficult phase of one’s life. As the saying goes, ‘not a child, not yet an adult’. It can be difficult to understand a teen, but if you are a parent, it can be immensely helpful in knowing the questions that annoy teenagers. This can contribute to having a more understanding relationship with them.

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‘How Can You Dress like That?’

Teens always want to make a statement of their own. They want to project themselves as different from their parent’s generation. At the same time, they want to confirm to their styles and standards of their own peers. Their style of dressing is one of the most important ways in which they do this. Questioning this style can really annoy a teen.


‘How Can You Listen to Such Music?’

This is certainly one of the biggest questions that annoy teenagers. To every parent, the music their teen children listen to sounds degenerate. But, it is important to realize that this is true of every generation.


‘What Kind of Friends do You Have?’

This is another of those questions that annoy teenagers to no end. Most teens interpret it as an assault on their freedom to make their own choices. Unless, your teen’s friends are being a really bad influence on them, you should avoid taking any harsh steps in this direction or it may backfire.


‘Shouldn’t You Spend More Time with Your Family?’

This is also one of the questions that annoy teenagers endlessly. They are just beginning to explore the world on their own, have their own friends and discover the things they like doing. On the other hand, they have spent a lot of time with their family while growing up. They feel frustrated if you keep imposing family time on them.


‘Have You Thought about Your Future?’

Teens are definitely more interested in exploring and enjoying the present. The future is distant and unattractive. Asking them to think about their future prospects and employing their present in pursuing the future is bound to annoy a teen.


‘Shouldn’t You Be More Religious?’

Teens want to be free of all the shackles society places on them. To most of them, religion is one of the shackles that restrain their personal freedom and they don’t want to have anything to do with it. Unless they are already of a religious bent of mind, asking teens to be religious is sure to anno them.


‘Shouldn’t You Study Harder?’

Spending their present studying is not the most appealing prospect to any teen, unless he or she is already studious. Most teens are keenly interested in exploring the present and do not want to be burdened with spending the present for something that will give fruits only in the distant future.

These are questions that annoy teenagers the most and you should avoid asking them unless you feel that the situation is getting out of hand and needs serious intervention. Most teens count on your support and understanding, but they do not like interference.

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