7 Ways to Care for Limp Hair ...


7 Ways to Care for Limp Hair ...
7 Ways to Care for Limp Hair ...

Limp hair is typically the fault of one’s genes. There is nothing you can do to change the type of hair you get because of your genes. But all the same, you do not have to go through life with lifeless hair. There are ways in which you can put body and beauty in your hair. Here are 7 ways to care for limp hair that will hold you in good stead.

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Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

For a fuller and healthier look for limp hair, the best shampoo and conditioner to use are those that contain keratin and collagen. These can be a big help in adding volume to your hair. However, be delicate in the shampooing process and ensure that you do not overuse the product.


Avoid the Wrong Shampoo and Conditioner

When you are looking for ways to care for limp hair, it is also important to be aware of what to avoid. Any shampoo or conditioner that contains moisturizing content is not suitable for you. The moisturizer will only make your hair heavier and will make it limp even more.


Use the Right Drying Process

Scrunch your hair while drying it. This will help disperse heat evenly through all the hair follicles. Avoid using a diffuser as this is likely to just make your hair frizz instead of giving it volume.


Use Velcro Rollers

If you want to add volume near the roots of the hair, use Velcro rollers near the scalp. Do not use them along the hair or near the bottom. This will prevent you from getting a curl in your hair while adding volume near the roots.


Use the Right Products

There are many hair products that can be used to add volume to your limp hair and make them look thicker. These products provide instant lift to your hair, so that your hair doesn’t lie limp on your scalp. Texturing products also make smooth and silky hair look a little rougher which helps in styling them properly.


Get the Right Haircut

The haircut you choose plays a very important role in how your hair looks. A long hair cut with long layers will be very heavy and will make your hair look straighter and limp. Choose a hairstyle that is shorter than shoulder length so that your hair can move, bounce and swing.


Add Color to Your Hair

This may sound surprising, but this is an effective way to handle limp hair. When you add color to your hair, it opens the cuticles of each hair, thereby expanding the thickness of each strand. This helps in giving your limp hair a voluminous appearance.

Listed above are 7 ways to care for limp hair. If you follow these methods, you will find that there is new life in your hair and it no longer looks heavy, drab and lifeless. These methods are easy to follow and they will give your hair a new lease of life.

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