8 Hot Juicy Couture Accessories ...

I absolutely adore everything Juicy Couture, from their skinny jeans and cute tees to their fab handbags and sleek belts, and everything in between. I especially love their accessories, because they’re so colorful and chic. I’ve just found a treasure trove of cute Juicy Couture accessories at Saks, and I have to share them with you! Here are 8 hot Juicy Couture accessories… I want them all!

1. Juicy Couture Jelly Rubber Laptop Sleeve

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Price: $98.00 at saksfifthavenue.com
It’s sleek, it’s pink, it’s Juicy, and it’s useful! What more could a girl ask for? This bright pink laptop sleeve in made of squishy rubber with a rubber lining, ideal for protecting your computer, and it’s also very stylish, keeping your reputation as a fashionistas intact. I love the little heart-shaped key ring attached to the front, too!

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