8 Things Not to do at a Wedding ...

A wedding is usually a time when two people who love each other celebrate their togetherness with near and dear ones. Unfortunately it is also an occasion for social gaffes and embarrassing situations that could turn out to be the most memorable moments of the wedding. To avoid being the obnoxious guest at a wedding, here are 8 things you can avoid doing.

1. Don’t Tell the Bride or Groom That They’re Making a Mistake

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No matter what your personal opinions and misgivings are about the marriage, the wedding is not the time to voice them. You had plenty of time to do that before the ceremony so on D-day, leave them alone. You are there to join in the celebration not to ruin it.

2. Don’t ‘object’ when the Preacher Asks for Any Objections

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When the preacher says ‘if anyone holds just cause why these two should not be wed’ keep in mind, it’s a rhetorical question. You are not supposed to stand up and object. You’ll first and foremost look like a fool and secondly will be ignored. More likely you will be escorted out of the venue by a pair of groomsmen.

3. Don’t Taste the Cake No Matter How Good It Looks

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The cake at the reception is one of the focal points of the evening and no matter how delicious it looks with its cream frosting and delicate chocolate swirls, you cannot taste it until the bride and groom have a chance to do so. Keep your hands firmly behind your back and wait until it is officially cut.

4. Don’t Tell the Bride She Looks Fat

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If the bride is looking fat or the dress isn’t that great, either she doesn’t know it or hopes that no one else notices it. Either way, if you tell her, you’re not doing a good deed. You’re going to make her miserable and probably won’t be invited for any other event ever again.

5. Don’t Overdo the Drinking

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Open bar doesn’t mean drink till you drop. If you spend the entire reception refilling your glass and dunking some serious shots then in all probability you’re going to be passed out on the dance floor before the night is done.

6. Don’t Throw Rice on Other Guests

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I know it’s tempting during lengthy services but it is really not acceptable to be throwing rice on other guests during the ceremony. Reserve the rice for the couple and throw to your heart’s content when the time comes.

7. Don’t Refer to Any Previous Relationships or Marriages

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A wedding is not the time to mention the bride’s previous marriage or the groom’s long-term relationship with another woman. It serves no purpose to reminisce about what might have been or how much you liked the other partner.

8. Don’t Complain about the Food

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Right, you may be a food critic or exotic chef, but this is not the time to publicize your knowledge about the culinary arts. Criticizing the food during the wedding is quite simply in bad taste.

Attending a wedding as a guest means behaving in a manner you would expect your loved ones to behave at your big day. So hold back on the disorderly conduct and be respectful to the couple and others with you.

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