9 Fabulous Wide Leg Pants ...

Wide leg pants were never officially OUT, they were just patiently waiting for us to get bored of all those skinny cuts and return to this classic, elegant, refined cut. Some say wide leg pants are the worst fashion mistake that shouldn’t be allowed to ever happen again and, since I totally disagree, I’ve decided to make a list of these 9 fabulous wide leg pants that look just as perfect as any other popular style and maybe even better.

1. ASOS Wide Leg Wool Trouser

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Price: $64.55 at asos.com
Very elegant and figure flattering, these pants are absolutely perfect for work and all those times when you want to show off your elegance, charm and femininity. Now is there anyone out there who can say wide leg pants make their wearer look like a shapeless blob? Hope not because these pants prove that is a complete nonsense!

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