9 Oh-so-Vintage Accessories ...

Oh-so vintage accessories are not just a thing of the past, my ladies. They are our present and I sincerely hope they will be our future too, as fashion obviously isn’t all mighty and very innovative these days. After all, a careful shopper will always manage to find good deals and ways to pull off a totally chic look that wasn’t as nearly as pricy as it looks. So, let’s start with some of my fav oh-so-vintage accessories:

1. ASOS Oversized Cat-Eye Sunglasses

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Price: $17.03 at asos.com
These sassy cat-eye shades are one of those oh-so-vintage accessories you must not forget if you want to spice up your style with a little bit of that retro sex appeal. Do your hair rockabilly style, throw on a jean shorts, plaid shirt and a pair of cool wedges and hold your head high as all eyes turn on you.

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