9. Floral Dresses with Combat Boots

This was one of my favorite 90s trends because it blended something super-feminine with the grunge look that was so popular during the decade. It was also nice to have options if you loved grunge music but weren't a fan of flannel. It kind of makes sense to combine two clashing looks since you're still trying to figure out who you are as a teen, and this clash of soft and hard just clicked. The floral was flirty, but the boots said, "I'll kick you in the shins if you get fresh with me." You could go all-out 90s with this look by pairing it with a choker, knee-high stockings, and a bucket hat.

Of course not all 90s fashion was so fabulous. Remember see-through plastic purses and rave wear like brightly-colored pacifiers? But that's what's so great about fashion eras being revived — you can pick and choose the best trends from the time period. So what 90s trends would you like to see make a comeback?