7 Accessories Inspired by Books ...

There are not enough accessories inspired by books out there, but what's available is really awesome. There's a lot of jewelry out there, but what if you're not a jewelry person? Don't worry about that because this list has a few options! Here are some super cute and awesome accessories inspired by books!

1. Litographs Totes

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I absolutely love these totes, which you can find on Litographs.com, among other places. You can select from a long list of books, including Les Miserables, Alice in Wonderland, Siddhartha, Jane Austen books, and a lot of other classic books. What is so awesome about these bags is that the designs are created using the words of the books. If you look closely enough or zoom in on the bags, you can actually read parts of the books. This is definitely one of the best accessories inspired by books!

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