Accessorizing Your Look the Cheap Way ...

As the seasons change and the new trends hit the fashion catwalks and grace the covers of glossy magazines, the malls are starting to fill up rapidly with the latest and greatest fashion season must-haves. Excitement fills the air as it is a time to revamp those dreary last season wardrobes and splash out on some new, cutting-edge fashion.

But what happens if your bank account is not in a state to keep up with the fashionistas, and your credit card melts into a shivering puddle of plastic at the bottom of your purse when you even mention the word shopping? How are you going to refresh your look without loads of cash? Well don’t despair, there are many ways to give a tired wardrobe a fresh lease of life without breaking the bank. Here's how to use accessories to change your look.

1. From Drab to Fab

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Accessories are the most inexpensive way to revamp your look, and you can borrow from a friend and purchase them brand new, for very little money. Trawl the second hand and vintage stores for a bargain buy, upcycle those beads and scarves at the back of your closet and add a little splash of color to an outfit. Go with seasonal colors and hues and combine it with a classic clothing item. Choose solid colors and veer away from textures, patterns and bright colors and rather, let the accessories make the fashion statement and keep the rest supporting the look in the background.

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