Add These Bright Colors to Your Summer Wardrobe Now ...

Summer is all about bright colors, but sometimes it can be hard to find colors that you love and want to add to your wardrobe. Even more than that, it can be hard to figure out which colors are in style every summer. If you’re at a loss for your own style, you want to add color but aren’t really sure just how you should do that, these colors are sure to give you some great ideas for your perfectly colorful summer style. Whether you love and embrace color or tend to shy away from it but want to go big this summer, these colors are sure to inspire your summer wardrobe!

1. Coral

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Coral may seem like an overplayed color at this point. I feel like it’s been on every single “Hot Color of the Spring/Summer” list for a few years now. However, I’m still having a love affair with it, and you should too. The coral color is just a tad different than both pink and orange, and it goes with a lot of neutrals, making it a fun and different choice for you to wear this summer!

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