11 Adorable DIY Owl Fashion Accessories ...


11 Adorable DIY Owl Fashion Accessories ...
11 Adorable DIY Owl Fashion Accessories ...

DIY Owl Fashion Accessories are what you need to add an element of cute to your outfit. I have given you the first batch of our DIY owl crafty projects so now we move to owl-themed style ideas. We have here a list that is most definitely a hoot and a half. These** DIY owl fashion accessories** range from brooches to shoes to things for carrying things. Hope you like 'em!

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Key Chain

Key Chain Isn't this cute? Unlike your typical key chain, this owl piece will actually keep your keys hidden, and therefore, not messy. The leaf string also helps you in terms of organization because you can use it to hang your keys.



Simple Tote

Simple Tote These are totes that are quite easy to make. Even if you are not that skilled in sewing, you will find these square totes easy to assemble. Check out the link to find the template for the owl design.



Shrink Plastic Buttons

Shrink Plastic Buttons Looking for a way to jazz up a piece of clothing using cute buttons? How about using buttons with an owl design? Follow the link to find a template and for instructions on how to make these types of DIY buttons.



Phone Cozy

Phone Cozy How do you make your phone even for important in your life? By giving it the most adorable cozy! 'Coz it's true what they say: the cozy makes the phone.



Clay Brooch

Clay Brooch Owl brooch? Yes, please! I have just discovered the wonders of polymer clay and you can bet your fabric stash that I will be trying this fun DIY owl accessory tutorial.



Anthro-Inspired Sandals

Anthro-Inspired Sandals There are owl sandals on Anthropologie but why buy when you can DIY? Instead of spending close to $150 for the sandals, buy a cheap gold pair from another store and add owl earrings. Easy, fun, and cheap!



Kate Spade-inspired Purse

Kate Spade-inspired Purse Here is another DIY owl idea that is inspired by a designer piece. This time, you will learn how to make your version of the Kate Spade owl purse. This particular tutorial will take a lot of work but the result is all sorts of adorable so don't despair!




Clutch From a bag, we go to a clutch** owl accessory tutorial**. I shall be trying this idea aside from the clay brooches above. Why? Because this clutch bag is cute! Also because I have lots of lacy doilies to play with.



Baby Owl Brooch

Baby Owl Brooch How cute is this little guy? If you don't have polymer clay and you wish to make owl brooches, this is the tutorial for you. Don't worry if you don't have felt as well; methinks you can make these little owl cuties using plain fabric.



Oversized Bag

Oversized Bag If a sling or messenger bag is more your style, this owl tutorial is sure to delight you. I have missed sewing big bags so I might just give this one a go.



Owl Toms

Owl Toms This is adorable! For those who wish that their Toms look just a tad cuter, I suggest looking into this particular** DIY owl fashion tutorial.** They look fun!


Hoot, hoot! Hope you enjoyed this list of owl fashion accessory tutorials. If you have other ideas for making DIY stylish owl accessories, let us know. We love owls and we love DIYs!

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