12 Alternative Fashion Blogs for Girls with an Edge ...


12 Alternative Fashion Blogs for Girls with an Edge  ...
12 Alternative Fashion Blogs for Girls with an Edge  ...

Looking for some alternative fashion blogs? The world of fashion is an ever expanding and evolving one. The minute you think you might have found a signature style, another trend comes rolling along that you need to get involved with instead! It would be fair to say, however, that mainstream fashion isn’t always for everyone, and if you are somebody who seeks something a little more edgy in your personal style, then the internet is usually the place to turn to rather than print magazines. Here are fifteen fabulous alternative fashion blogs for girls with a bit of an edge!

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Olivia Emily

clothing, shoulder, tartan, headgear, pattern, Olivia’s amazing style evokes the 80s and 90s, with black definitely being her preferred colour! She is great at displaying lots of different textures in her looks, which makes her's one of the best alternative fashion blogs to check out.



Alicia Hannah Naomi

eyebrow, chin, nose, beauty, cheek, If you’re looking for something artistic, then Alicia Hannah Naomi is your girl. She accentuates all of her outfits with pieces of handmade jewellery, and they are all made from organic materials.




fashion model, headgear, fashion, design, pattern, This blog has been around since 2003, a real internet stalwart! It follows the fashion life of a former fashion director and lover of the nightlife scene!



Poison Apple Print Shop

human hair color, lady, girl, fur, black hair, This is a site run by Adrienne Rozzi, a self-described solitary eclectic witch who incorporates the supernatural in her fashion choices. Look to her for fashion and magic crossovers!



Dirty Flaws

black, sleeve, shoulder, neck, outerwear, Running for more than ten years now, Dirty Flaws is a fashion blog that celebrates the edgy side of style, with lots of very chic and photographs.



Dirty Flaws is a highly popular fashion blog that has been running for over a decade, catering to women with a unique and edgy sense of style. The blog features a wide range of fashion content, from chic outfit inspiration to stunning photographs. It has gained a strong following among women who are looking for alternative fashion options and want to break away from mainstream trends. The blog also features collaborations with up-and-coming designers and showcases their unconventional designs. With its bold and daring approach to fashion, Dirty Flaws has become a go-to source for women seeking to express their individuality through their style.


Twisted Lamb

fashion, outerwear, socialite, coat, fur, Created by Mary Lee, this blog features lots of quirky, offbeat editorial fashion creations that all possess a dark twist or spin on normal fashion culture.



Bones & Lilies

hair, flower, pink, human hair color, hair accessory, Karolina is the face and name behind Bones & Lilies, game designer by day and Goth fashion icon by night! There are probably more hair colour changes and shades of black here than anywhere else on the web!



An Honest Drug

fashion model, shoulder, outerwear, sleeve, neck, This blog is filled with lots of amazing, yet strange fashion concepts and ideas. From her love of crystalline taxidermy to her pair of alien botany leggings, it’s a real trip!



The Walrus Room

t shirt, shoulder, outerwear, sleeve, top, This blog has followed the personal style of writer Sary for years now, displaying her evolution in personal style with a heavy influence from Goth and punk culture.




hair, human hair color, girl, fur, headgear, Don’t be fooled by the name, there’s nothing sinister about that alternative fashion blog. Blogger Katie favours a bold red lip and dark clothes, and her NYC surroundings provide daily inspiration.



La Carmina

pink, art, street, tree, plant, When it comes to gothic fashion, many say that La Carmina is the ultimate blogging authority on the matter. Harajuku-goth fusion no less!



Amy Valentine

clothing, girl, lady, fun, sky, Amy is a metal lover with a large grunge influence dictating her personal style. Her signature pink hair is her biggest pride and joy!


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