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Alternative fashions are a funny thing. By the time most of us hear of an ‘alternative’ fashion, it’s usually already made its transition into the mainstream. For a while, things like tattoos and piercings weren’t generally accepted in popular culture and held negative connotations, but now they’re much more commonplace. Take a look at a few alt fashion trends that are now being embraced by mainstream fashion.

1. Dr. Martens

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Dr. Martens shoes are iconic. They were popular with workers throughout the 1960s, skinheads and punks in the 1970s, and more recently gained a type of fashion cult status. They enjoyed mainstream popularity thanks to the rise of grunge in the 1990s. Despite being a shoe typically associated with counter-culture, these days they’re just as popular in mainstream fashion.

2. Creepers

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Hot on the heels of Dr. Martens shoes, brothel creepers are cementing themselves as one of the newest alternative fashions being embraced by the mainstream. Once the domain of grunge and underground subcultures, the creeper shoe can now be seen anyone from fashion editors to celebrities to models-off-duty.

3. Studding

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Studded clothing has been on the fashion radar for some time now. Thanks to the popularity of grunge and punk inspired dressing, people are lapping up this now fashionable look. A range of designers are channelling alternative fashions these days and stud embellishments can often be found on jackets, bags, and shoes.

4. Leather

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Apart from the leather jacket, you didn’t really used to see much of leather in ‘everyday’ outfits. Head to toe leather was best left in the realm of the dominatrix. However, these days, many fashion designers have embraced the use of leather in their designs. Leather shift dresses, tailored shorts, and pleated skirts are just a few of the more contemprorary ways to wear this look.

5. Colourful Hair

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Open up any recent fashion magazine and you’ll more than likely find some colourful locks in amongst the pages. Dip dyes ends, rainbow extensions – having coloured hair has become oh so popular lately. Brightly coloured hair is no longer something left to punk kids pushing boundaries, it’s high fashion now too.

6. Tattoos

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When it comes to alternative fashions, tattoos are the perfect example of something that was generally once frowned upon to being widely accepted. They’re no longer thuggish, and these days it seems as if every second person is sporting one. Even models are allowed to sport tattoos on the runways now. Instead of something to be covered up, tattoos are now flaunted.

7. Body Piercings

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Body piercings are another one of those alternative fashions that once held negative perceptions, but are widely more accepted nowadays. Things like nose, septum, and eyebrow piercings are quite common while things such as corset piercings are still quite an alternative look.

8. DIY

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This isn’t so much an alternative fashion, since people have been making their own clothes for ages. But the DIY movement is something that’s gaining serious momentum. Where DIY was once left to crafters and creatives, it now seems that everyone is on the DIY bandwagon. A good DIY project can gain the same amount of praise as new designer threads.

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly counts as alternative fashion. These are just a few fashions from counter-culture that have made their way into mainstream trends. Can you think of any other alternative fashions that are now generally accepted in mainstream fashion?

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