7 Amazing '90s Looks That'll Suit Every Figure ...

There are amazing '90s looks everywhere at the moment. It seems retro clothing is definitely back in fashion, and Cher Horowitz’s era is the period of choice! A plaid miniskirt is no longer dodgy shopping, it’s on trend and perhaps even vintage – and that goes for those bizarrely printed scarves, bags and fur-topped pens, too. Here are some amazing '90s looks that will have you longing to break out your retro wardrobe and wear everything again – double points if you can find actual '90s clothes to wear, too.

1. Sheer…

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These totally amazing '90s looks combine a few key trends: sheerness and layers, to name some. Get a cute sheer shirt for that effortless Clueless look! Team it with leather shorts, and a silk tuxedo bralet and a pile of bangles. Chunky black shoes or skimpy sandals will finish the look, or you could even curveball it by adding classic Converse.

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