7 Amazing Celebrity Ad Campaigns That We Love ...

How do you feel about celebrity ad campaigns? Do they work, helping you to visualize the clothes and how you’d wear them? Or would you rather see models or everyday individuals wearing the clothes? Whatever you think of the celebrity themselves, there is no doubting that having the right celebrity leading a range can increase sales ten-fold, and this year is no exception. If you’re already planning your Spring/Summer wardrobe, or you just fancy some fashion inspiration, check out these great celebrity ad campaigns that we’re loving.

1. Mango…

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Supermodel Daria Werbowy might not have much of a following outside of the fashion world, which makes her an unusual choice for celebrity ad campaigns, but it’s easy to see why she got the job when you see her smouldering photos. Daria has taken over from Miranda Kerr, who is generally more well-known, but gave the clothes a high maintenance feel. Daria goes the other way, making them seem easy and carefree, whilst keeping that rock-chick look. Love. From stripy jumpers teamed with floor-length skirts to tailored jumpsuits, this collection looks like a must-have.

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