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10 Amazing Etsy Stores ...

By Ashley

There are some truly amazing Esty stores out there! Etsy is the place to go when you’re looking for something that’s unique but high quality. From handcrafted one of a kind items, to vintage clothes and accessories, check out these amazing Etsy stores!

1 Contessa Create
I get all my beauty products from Contessa’s Etsy, because all her products are natural and created with the highest quality essential oils. The Macassar Oil is positively DIVINE on my hair, and I have incredibly thick hair that dries out easily. And not to mention her perfume, Feast, which smells AMAZING. Go, shop there. You know you want to! One of the most amazing Etsy stores I’ve ever come across!

2 Audrey Jewelry
Look at all these gorgeous necklaces! Pages and pages of beautiful handmade necklaces that I just want to horde for myself. But, I’m being nice and sharing this wonderful store with you guys.

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3 Corium
I’m OBSESSED with these bags. Obsessed. They are the simplest and cutest designs I’ve ever seen, and they look like the perfect size to go with just about any outfit. And the patterns! If I was a rich girl, I would buy every single bag in this Etsy store.

4 Liz’s Vintage Stoffita
I’m a huge vintage fan, and this store has some great finds from the '60s and '70s (it blows my mind to think that’s already over 50 years ago). There are some really adorable skirts and dresses there that will work in any time period.

5 Clip a Bow Boutique
For all your hair bow needs! Hair bows are kind of a big thing with my friends right now, so I’ve gotten tons of bows from here to keep up. They’re nicely sized and really adorable. It makes me feel like a little girl again to have a bow in my hair! But these bows are great for any age, trust me!

6 SoStyle
I’ll admit I’m not the biggest scarf wearer, but I’ll be moving to a colder climate soon so I have to get used to them. And looking at this gorgeous selection of scarves has me excited! Apparently most of them are vintage Turkish scarves, so they have these intricate and colorful designs on them.

7 Accessorise
An entire shop made out of hand-knitted and crocheted accessories. Not going to lie, I don’t really like knit or crochet, but this shop just might have me changing my mind! There’s the most adorable fox knit hat that I just NEED to buy, along with some other nice looking handwarmers.

8 MishMashStore
This shop is an eclectic collection of hand painted clothes and handmade accessories, and let me just say, WOW. These products are just breathtakingly gorgeous for being handpainted and made. They’re a bit pricey, but I think it’s worth it for the level of artistry that went into making them!

9 Bling Things
I love adding little baubles and trinkets to my clothes or my outfits, and this Etsy is positively bursting with the cutest little jewelry pieces. Lots of hair clips and earrings, and charms that can be sewn onto something to customize it. Bling things, indeed!

10 IndaJewellry
I’m not really sure how to describe this Etsy shop other than to say it’s unique. It’s got pieces that I’m certain you’re not going to find anywhere else. The jewelry is colorful and will be a great addition to any look!

Etsy is my favorite place to shop online, and hopefully it’ll be yours too! What did you think of these shops? Do you know have any favorite Etsy shops?

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