7 Amazing Looks That Drive Men Wild ...


Spicing up the bedroom is easy when you learn some amazing looks that drive men wild. These looks are fun, brazen, and the right balance of innocent and naughty. Massive credit card debt isn't necessary to emulate these looks; chances are you have the required ingredients in your wardrobe. Get ready to ignite your boudoir and let's learn about seven amazing looks that drive men wild.

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The Pinup Girl

The pinup girl is among the most popular looks that drive men wild. I love creating this look! All you need, in essence, is to choose the pinup-girl icon that you adore. Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, and Rita Hayworth were among the original pinup girls. Next, you simply locate costumes or clothing matching her style. I found online tutorials that provide steps to apply make-up correctly for this look. After poking myself in the eye a few times, I finally got it right!


Are You a Britney or a Maria?

The naughty-school girl has become its own cultural icon. I myself emulated this style for a significant other or two, and choose it for Halloween parties. Please, do not tell my mother! To achieve this look, grab a plaid mini-skirt, knee or thigh-high socks, and a white dress shirt. It is completed with heeled loafers or Mary Janes. Finally, choose your level of innocence or brazenness; will it be the girl-next-door style of Britney Spears or the sultry-siren rendition offered by Maria Brinks?


Calling All Nerds!

You don't have to visit Comic-Con to become a cosplayer. Anyone can utilize these concepts to spice up role-playing in the bedroom. When creating these styles, the sky is the limit. Favorites are comic-book characters and science-fiction. As a lover of comic books, I love to dress up as Jean Grey and Wonder Woman—I save the day every time!


The Submissive

Betty Page fans are familiar with this role. The original style icon was photographed in unique lingerie costumes as a submissive. The key element is control. Men adore this style, and other submission-based looks, such as the French Maid. To make this look more fun, let him dress you.


Are Your Books Overdue?

The sexy librarian is fun and easy to pull off. Everyone has their own variation of this look. I prefer a men's dress shirt paired with thigh-high stockings—and of course, the black frames. The eye-wear is the key attribute of the entire look. It's guaranteed to get a man's blood boiling.


Yes, Ma'am!

Stern mistresses everywhere, take charge! Sexually aggressive and in control, bosses cause men to stand up and pay attention, in more ways than one. The dominatrix attire includes latex, leather, lace, or a combination of them all. Sultry make-up and thigh-high boots are the finishing touches of this ensemble. I prefer adding a small mask with this outfit, as I utilize any excuse to dress up like Cat-Woman. Meow!


The Abby

Men are obsessed with Abby Sciuto on NCIS: Los Angeles. And why wouldn't they be? She's an intelligent Gothic-princess brandishing tattoos that peek out from underneath her clothes—driving men into a frenzy. Permanent tattoos aren't required; temporary tats work just fine.

Couples who initiate role-play into their love lives often have more rewarding and gratifying experiences. Plus it is fun and is only limited to your imagination. What are some fun looks you have discovered that drive your man wild?

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Abby Sciuto is on the regular NCIS based in DC not LA

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