7 Amazing Summer Styles to Steal from SuperModels ...

Supermodels are definitely having a moment right now. No matter who they are or what they model for, it seems like supermodels are everywhere, and their style is something we all covet. If you’re a huge fan of supermodels and their style but don’t really know who you want to emulate, who matches your style, or even where to start when it comes to stealing their style, this is definitely the list for you. No matter their personal style, body type, or even personality, there is a supermodel on this list who will definitely attract your attention, and you’ll be dressing like a supermodel yourself in no time at all! Whether you like boho style, grunge, old Hollywood, or even just polished and chic, one of these beautiful supermodels will most likely become your new style idol!

1. Kendall Jenner

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I’ve always loved Kendall Jenner’s boho meets classic style, and since she’s become a model, there’s been no exception. Whether she’s keeping up with her family or simply hanging out with friends, her laid back but polished style is always perfect.

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