8 Amazingly Chic Ways to Wear Feathers ...

How To Wear Feathers is something that wouldn’t hurt to know this season. Feathered accessories are popping up left, right, and centre, and more and more clothing is featuring feather trims. If this is a trend you’re willing to take up, it’s important to know how to wear feathers in a tasteful manner. While they may seem flamboyant, there are many ways to wear feathers without coming across as garish. Take a look at the following tips on how to wear feathers.

1. In Neutral Colours

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To avoid looking like Big Bird, choose neutral coloured feathers. This especially applies if you will be wearing feathers on your body. If your feathery focal point is a clutch, embellished shoes, or a necklace, then you can incorporate coloured feathers in small doses.

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