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Whether it's for Halloween or just a fun-themed event, you should become acquainted with the seven awesome costumes for your next costume party. This newer assortment of costumes is a perfect mix to allow you to be fashionable and choose your all-time favorite characters. They offer a unique approach to costume design that branches beyond the normal and potentially bland. Without further ado, here are the seven awesome costumes for your next costume party.

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Maleficent To kick off the list of awesome costumes for your next costume party, you could begin with Maleficent. The evil queen from “Sleeping Beauty” has undergone a whole new transformation with the latest movie release. The costume presents a Gothic fusion to the standard concept and presents a more dramatic feel to this Disney-based theme.


Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn With the new “Gotham” TV-show scheduled to begin soon, Harley Quinn has undergone a transformation as well. Long gone is the traditional jester costume. The newest option presents her as a naughty, yet psychotic nurse. This is a great combination piece with the Joker-nurse disguise presented in the “Dark Knight” release from 2008, if you are bringing a date to the party.



Nefertiti If you must be a queen, Nefertiti is perfect. Honestly, I saw this costume and I thought of how wondrous it would be to wear it around the house as well. It's gorgeous! And the way the skirt is constructed, you could twirl it around while singing, “I feel pretty!” What fun that would be!


Steampunk Girl

Steampunk Girl As you know, I love anything steampunk, and this costume doesn't disappoint. It has all the essential elements of a great steampunk outfit and it's sexy. It's a great spin on traditional Victorian without taking too much away from the concept. I'd suggest getting the goggles, simply because I think they are too adorable. I'd also wear sky-high heels with it.


Rockabilly Zombie

Rockabilly Zombie Rockabilly is another fun fashion trend. This costume combines the essential elements of this style with a zombie. If you love zombie movies as much as I do, you will love this costume. It's fun, unique, and completely original. My suggestion, however, is to review a tutorial for the make-up as you can always make it scarier and still look pretty.


Asgardian Queen

Asgardian Queen Whether your date has decided to attend the party as Thor or not, this is an awesome costume. You become your own superhero and queen all at once. I personally love the furry boots the most. Add a great smoky eye to this ensemble and you're ready to save the world.


Psychedelic Alice

Psychedelic Alice I don't know about you, but I love everything about Alice in Wonderland. And this costume doesn't disappoint. It is fun and cute with a new update to the traditional style that is punk, yet still holds true to the nature of the character. Perhaps your date could go as the Mad Hatter or the Cheshire Cat.

When searching for options for a costume party, unique is always the way to go. These updates allow you to find something that is a part of you and best represents your own personal style. What are some preferred costumes you like to wear to these parties?

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I own the steampunk one!!!! Was my halloween costume last yr

these lack imagination. I always throw a Halloween party, show up in one of these no entrance for you!

How unoriginal...all of these are either tight and/or revealing. Way to perpetuate the idea that Halloween costumes for women have to be slutty...

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