7 Awesome Denim Skirts That Will Become Staples in Your Wardrobe ...

Add some awesome denim skirts to your wardrobe this season. The humble denim skirt is enjoying a comeback of sorts, although some could argue that it never really went away. This season’s denim skirt comes in a range of different cuts and designs. Slip on a chic denim pencil skirt for a ladylike look or don a flippy skater skirt for a flirtier take on things. No matter what style you prefer, these are just a few awesome denim skirts that would make great wardrobe staples.

1. A-Line Denim Skirt

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When stocking up on awesome denim skirts for your capsule wardrobe, stick to timeless and classic styles. This denim mini skirt has a classic A-line cut and would make a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Team it with a plain t-shirt, sandals, and small satchel for a crisp summertime look or pair it with a chunky knit and opaque stockings for fall. This particular skirt usually retails for around $60 from Topshop but if you’re lucky you can grab it on sale for $20.

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