7 Awesome Reasons to Love Steampunk ...

There are many reasons to love Steampunk. This funky style is the subject and setting of many books and movies. The fun mix of steam powered mechanics, classic Victorian garments, and sometimes retro-futuristic cowboy culture is alluring. From futuristic landscapes to the books that started the genre, Steampunk is fun and expressive. Below, I give you seven awesome reasons to love Steampunk!

1. The Books!

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The Steampunk world began with wonderfully creative works of fiction. Authors like Philip Pullman and Jules Verne created enthralling parallel worlds of the future. The daemons of Pullmanโ€™s world are one example of how authors put a twist on expressions of human behavior. The vehicles of Verneโ€™s world gave readers a whole new way to envision the future. These wonderfully well written works are number one on my list of reasons to love Steampunk.

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