7 Awesome Steampunk Sites for Kids of Any Age ...


7 Awesome Steampunk Sites for Kids of Any Age ...
7 Awesome Steampunk Sites for Kids of Any Age ...

The Internet is full of Steampunk sites for kids of all ages. On the web you can learn about nearly every aspect of Steampunk history or find a place to buy some awesome Steampunk accessories. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the subculture or already immersed in Steampunk, there is something for everyone. To help you learn more about Steampunk, below are seven awesome Steampunk sites for kids of any age..

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PBS is a great place to go for educational videos. If you are new to Steampunk this short PBS film is a perfect introduction. At less than six minutes long, this video is short and sweet! It covers nearly everything in the world of Steampunk from the overall ideology to fashion and mechanics. PBS Arts is a great introduction to Steampunk and Steampunk sites for kids of any age.


Steampunk for Kids

Once you have the general explanation down, you will want to check out this site. It is designed for kids, so the explanations are thorough. There are tutorials on how to engage the cosplay (short for costume play) side of Steampunk by creating characters and names. Be forewarned: this site is so thorough and addicting you can easily spend hours surfing through the many images of fashion and technology. It’s a Steampunk lover's dream.


Clockwork Couture

See a bustle you like or an ankle boot you can’t live without? Clockwork Couture probably has it! This is a great site to find inspiration or to purchase your next Steampunk accessory. The shoes are amazing and everything looks like wearable art! You can find items and accessories for men, women, and children. They even have Steampunk action figures!



If you like Steampunk but have no interest in dressing in corsets or bustles, then why not try a Steampunk themed t-shirt? Zazzle has a cute collection of Steampunk inspired t-shirts. Each one features an image such as gears, goggles, top hats, or airships. A Steampunk t-shirt is a simple and easy way to display your interest without changing your personal style.


ModVic Steampunk Art & Design

I love this site; it is simply amazing. If you like the Steampunk aesthetic and are looking for ideas on how to incorporate it into your interior design then this is the site for you! ModVic is an interior design company located in Massachusetts. Their work incorporates vintage furniture as well as special design pieces. The online gallery is wildly inspiring!


Data Mancer

Data Mancer is a Steampunk artist! I could spend all day ogling at his creations; wishing I had a bank account large enough to justify the expense. He works wonders with brass elements and a simple keyboard. But his work is not limited to keyboards; he also designs desktop cases, computer mice, and laptop bags. The Steampunk aesthetic can be infused anywhere! The work is incredible!



One site I love for Steampunk ideas and information is Amazon! They have a great inventory of Steampunk books that cover everything from DIY instructions to illustrated guides to inventions. A quick scroll through the titles and you will also see a number of Steampunk novels for readers of all ages.

With so many resources available on the Internet and beyond, you can learn about Steampunk almost anywhere. Are you a Steampunk fan? Is there another subculture the you are interested in? Please, share!

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