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Because it’s so versatile, there are lots of things to do with a scarf to give your look a face lift. I suggest stockpiling as many as you can in a variety of colors and prints. A girl can never have too many scarves, right? Once you have a good cache going, check out this list of things to do with a scarf and you’ll be well on your way to a fashionable future.

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Around Your Neck

Around Your Neck Ok, duh! One of the best things to do with a scarf is to wear it around your neck. Whether it’s a traditional scarf or an infinity scarf, adding one to any outfit gives it a little something extra. You can add color to a black work ensemble or match a neutral colored scarf with a brightly colored sweater. No matter how you wrap it, a scarf around your neck is perfect any day of the week.


On Your Purse

On Your Purse If you don’t feel like a scarf works with the outfit you’re wearing, tie one on your purse instead. That way your scarves aren’t languishing in your closet or drawer waiting for you to pull one out to wear. Plus, it’s a great way to add some color and personality to your outfit without going overboard.


In Your Hair

In Your Hair Scarves are versatile, I told you that. Use your favorite scarf to tie back your hair. It’s the perfect way to add some color to your hairstyle and pair your accessories with your favorite outfit. If you can’t make it work on your neck, tie it in your hair instead. I do this all the time and get loads of compliments, so I swear it’ll work out for you too.


As a Tie

As a Tie Sometimes a classy look gets that much better with a girly tie around your neck. Tie your scarf like your husband or boyfriend ties his tie. The difference is that your scarf will look feminine and add a touch of personality to your favorite formal look. Mix and match color and patterns with all your solid colored shirts for new and exciting outfits all the time.


As a Belt

As a Belt Next time you tuck a shirt into your jeans and think your whole ensemble needs something extra, tie your favorite scarf around your waist and you’re all set. I love a good polka dot scarf with a solid colored shirt, but a fancy patterned scarf works wonderfully with a plain colored shirt. Just mix and match what you have in your closet and you’re sure to start putting together new and beautiful outfits every day.


As a Bracelet

As a Bracelet Sounds weird, but stay with me here. If you have a short, thin scarf, try tying it around your wrist as a unique bracelet that’s sure to get plenty of looks. This is especially cool if you have a string scarf or one with a little bit of sparkle.


As a Skirt

As a Skirt Be careful here because you don’t want to choose a sheer scarf and spend the whole day as the fashion faux pas no one will stop talking about. Here’s the idea – if you love a pair of leggings (which are not the same as a pair of pants, as it turns out), but the shirt you want to wear with them is too short, tie a large scarf around your waist to keep things covered, but still have an outfit you love.

How do you wear your scarf? I wear one pretty much every day and I love them!

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Love these ideas


Number 7 is a great scarf tip...thanks alot!


I like the hair one but " How do you do that on your hair ??

Great ideas! I love the bow idea!

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