2. Trench


Classic trench and trench-style coats are definitely one of those fashionable staple pieces that last a lifetime and should be on your list of must-buys. That is, once you’ve finished building your personal style and become independent enough to finance it, of course. Autumns and springs just wouldn’t be the same without this basic fashion essential, now, would they?

And the best thing about it is that it never goes out of style nor does it need to be too tight and therefore it won't become unusable in case you go up or down a few pounds.

Shopping Tip: Burberry trench knock offs are a huge no-no! If this classic, always trendy trench is what you want, give yourself a bit more time to collect the funds you’ll need. You can also visit a Burberry Outlet and take your pick amongst the discounted models they have in store or invest in a similar, good quality non-Burberry piece that will look just as pricy without actually being just as pricy!

Black and/or Nude Pumps
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