10 Bath Bombs from Lush That I Love ...

Bath Bombs are my life. No, seriously, I'm not kidding. I take a bath every single night and what do you think that is fizzy and bubbly that I drop into my water? Bath bombs! I love these fizzy little concoctions of joy and below is my top 10 list! Trust me ladies, after this, you'll make it a friggin' standard to have Lush in your life!

1. Sex Bomb

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Price: $6.45 at lushusa.com
So I have a story about how I found Lush in the first place. I actually have a BFF that used to work at Macy's and we all know what is in typical Macy's right? Lush stores! That is when I first found out what Lush was and that is when I first found out what a sex bath bomb was. This jasmine-scented ball has been a lifesaver after tons of bad days ever since!

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