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Bath Bombs are my life. No, seriously, I'm not kidding. I take a bath every single night and what do you think that is fizzy and bubbly that I drop into my water? Bath bombs! I love these fizzy little concoctions of joy and below is my top 10 list! Trust me ladies, after this, you'll make it a friggin' standard to have Lush in your life!

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Sex Bomb

Sex Bomb Price: $6.45 at lushusa.com
So I have a story about how I found Lush in the first place. I actually have a BFF that used to work at Macy's and we all know what is in typical Macy's right? Lush stores! That is when I first found out what Lush was and that is when I first found out what a sex bath bomb was. This jasmine-scented ball has been a lifesaver after tons of bad days ever since!


Big Blue

Big Blue Price: $6.35 at lushusa.com
My second favorite out of all the bath bombs in the world is Big Blue. This little ball of the ocean actually smells just like the beach! It has a lemon, seaweed and lavender smell to it too, which that alone relaxes me instantly. The sea salt inside of it will leave your skin feeling as soft as a baby's bottom. Who wouldn't love to try this little slice of heaven?


Vanilla Fountain

Vanilla Fountain Price: $6.25 at lushusa.com
Huge fan of vanilla; always have been, always will be. It's creamy, it's rich, it's subtle and it reminds me of home. Lush makes a kick butt vanilla bath bomb and I swear, it's just like slipping into a vat of pure vanilla. Not only does it leave my skin feeling ever-so-soft but the scent isn't so overpowering, it's subtle and sweet.



Twilight Price: $5.95 at lushusa.com
Okay, so I admit it, I never exactly got into the Twilight books. I am not a fan of the characters (minus darling Jackson Rathbone), but this scent? It's supernatural! I love the lavender oil, the sweet vanilla tones and heck, I even like the name. If you are stressed out after a hard day, trust me ladies, this is the bomb for you!


Keep It Fluffy

Keep It Fluffy Price: $4.95 at lushusa.com
Vanilla and jasmine – two scents that I friggin' love. I mean, vanilla smells so sweet and when you throw in the spicy scent of jasmine, you got one bath bomb that is pretty incredible. That's what this one is all about! It's purple, it's white and it's one of my faves!


Tisty Tosty Bomb

Tisty Tosty Bomb Price: $6.25 at lushusa.com
Are you feeling a little romantic? This bath bomb not only packed with dried roses, but the rose scent will linger on your skin even after the water runs out of your bath. Just pop this little bomb in and I promise, your skin will feel softer, you will smell delicious and your partner won't be able to resist you!


Space Girl Bath Bombs

Space Girl Bath Bombs Price: $4.95 at lushusa.com
Space Girl bath bombs are new for Lush and I love the idea. They mix poprocks (or as they call it 'popping candy fizzes'), grapefruit scent and glitter. It'll look like something exploded in your tub, but I promise that you'll smell ever-so-sweet and shine and shimmer to!


Pink, Pink & More Pink

Pink, Pink & More Pink Price: $4.75 at lushusa.com
Whenever I am shopping for bath bombs at Lush, I am constantly drawn to the sweeter scents. Think Pink is one of the few bath bombs out that that is so, so sweet, I can only use it when I am in the mood. It has a little edge to the sweetness, but it's definitely one of the bombs I save for a special night out!


Mrs. Whippy

Mrs. Whippy Price: $5.95 at lushusa.com
Strawberries and cream – you had to know I'd throw this bomb on there right? It's got fizzy candy on top and will leave your skin feeling so silky and so soft. Are you burnt up and peeling from the sunburn you had last week? Drop Mrs. Whippy into your bath and you'll come out a new girl with fresh, sweet smelling and non-peeling skin!


Sakura Bath Bombs

Sakura Bath Bombs Price: $6.35 at lushusa.com
This is another bath bomb that is a little new for Lush, however, that does not mean I stay away from it. Mimosa flowers are actually super intense floral flowers that I think Lush captures perfectly in the Sakura bath bomb. The cool thing about this one is that all of that crystallized blue stuff? That's sea salt that will exfoliate your skin and leave it beautifully soft!

Lush is one of the few places that I honestly feel comfortable buying pretty much all of my bath stuff (including tons and tons of bath bombs) from, because it's all natural and contains nothing but herbs, flowers and fruits and veggies. If you haven't brought anything from Lush before – do it! I promise you won't regret it! Now that you all know about my obsession with baths … and with bath bombs, I am dying to hear what ya'll think! What are some of your favorite bath bombs or even Lush stuff in general? I've tried the shampoo and loved it – what other items have you tried?

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Great collection,I am a big fan of perfumes and fragrances,I really like these,thanks for sharing.

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